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The Devil in Disguise

Alex was my high school sweetheart. We met in kindergarten but it was only on my 16th birthday that he kissed me for the first time. That first magic moment gave birth to four years of a passionate and beautiful … Continue reading

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Dog Stealing

Zoe couldn´t remember where did the crazy idea of taking Buddy on an excursion come from. It might have been her typical urge to combine. It would never happen to her boyfriend, he always opted for the most practical, the … Continue reading

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Urban Library Imaginations – Zoldan

People say I am crazy, but I don’t care. They say I can’t hold it together, because I imagine things that are not real. But honestly, I am homeless and, you know, people then think you are crazy anyway. What … Continue reading

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Un étrange passager

« Vos billets, s’il vous plaît » demande l’accompagnatrice du train à un passager tranquillement assis sur une des banquettes.  Tout au long de la journée, et avec les réflexes de gens rompus à ce genre d’exercice, elle défile sans relâche à … Continue reading

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Buddy on the Wavre Street (Brussels through the eyes of a zinneke)

He ran away, used the rare occasion when he was not tied to the fence by an old greyish rope. The gate was open and he took the opportunity… So good, to feel the use of one´s limbs, to enjoy … Continue reading

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