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I am a free-lance vini-yoga teacher and a writer. An observer. The city of Brussels keeps me inspired, mainly via its inhabitants. Yoga keeps me focused. And stories teach and amuse...

Manneke, Jeanneke and Imro

In the summer of 1994, almost seven years after the Velvet Revolution, a Slovak called Imro got on the bus and together with twenty-nine other tourists travelled to the West. All people on the bus came from the town Piešťany … Continue reading

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Poetry and Poverty

Drawing by Astrid: We are interrupted in the middle of our Spanish lesson by a solemnly looking woman: dark, long, sleek hair, pronounced eye-brows, no eye contact. She presents her case: “I hear you are speaking Spanish here, and we … Continue reading

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Heart matters

I am standing at the window in my bedroom, the room we used to share with Betty for more than twenty years. The Atomium, the Brussels re-discovered icon, is glistening in the morning sun outside the window. It is supposed … Continue reading

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Even if we feel lost, we can always find the way in the present moment… The Writing Brussels Group Invites you to listen to their stories: “Lost in Brussels” Librebook Chaussée de Wavre 128 1050 Brussels Thursday, 15th June at 18.30 … Continue reading

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Lost and Found in the North Station

Photo: Courtesy to Lucia and Viki 🙂 Not much was visible of the man on the platform: a hat pulled down to his nose, eyes downcast on the device he was holding in both hands, wrinkled grey coat, o-shaped legs. Still, … Continue reading

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