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I am a free-lance vini-yoga teacher and a writer. An observer. The city of Brussels keeps me inspired, mainly via its inhabitants. Yoga keeps me focused. And stories teach and amuse...

Mitch and the Birds

Mitch was typing a report from the last week business trip to Amsterdam. It was late afternoon, he was in his spacious office of a town house overlooking a park in Uccle, Brussels. The sun rays came in stripes through … Continue reading

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Manneke, Jeanneke and Imro

In the summer of 1994, almost seven years after the Velvet Revolution, a Slovak called Imro got on the bus and together with twenty-nine other tourists travelled to the West. All people on the bus came from the town Piešťany … Continue reading

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Poetry and Poverty

Drawing by Astrid: We are interrupted in the middle of our Spanish lesson by a solemnly looking woman: dark, long, sleek hair, pronounced eye-brows, no eye contact. She presents her case: “I hear you are speaking Spanish here, and we … Continue reading

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Heart matters

I am standing at the window in my bedroom, the room we used to share with Betty for more than twenty years. The Atomium, the Brussels re-discovered icon, is glistening in the morning sun outside the window. It is supposed … Continue reading

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Even if we feel lost, we can always find the way in the present moment… The Writing Brussels Group Invites you to listen to their stories: “Lost in Brussels” Librebook Chaussée de Wavre 128 1050 Brussels Thursday, 15th June at 18.30 … Continue reading

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