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About Katarina

I am a viniyoga teacher and a writer. The Slovak embassy secretary. An observer. The city of Brussels keeps me inspired, yoga keeps me focused and stories bring more stories.

The Lake Question

She came out of the dense wood into the soft light of a receding day. Dusk fell earlier in September, bringing along coolness, freshness. Now, late afternoon, the world was still warm and dry with the summer fire. The color … Continue reading

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The Bar on the Avenue Couronne

Guy´s slender figure is reflected in the dark shop windows he is passing by, his shadow like his doppelganger. Guy´s mother used to admire the slim bone structure of her son, elegant, artistic. Yeah, but should a guy not be … Continue reading

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Back to Go

The beginning of September. The magical white page time. Lou-Anne puts on a pair of pale jeans, a bottle-green tunic, and white sandals. She clips little silver half-moon earrings and with a sweep of a hand organizes the dark mane … Continue reading

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Picture: A family trip on what seems like a long time ago. Lily and the Seagulls.  “The opposite of earth is space; you need to become a human to match the two, my darling. Or a bird. There are only  … Continue reading

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Kim and Cactuses

  KIM AND CACTUSES August, 2090 Kim came out of the house the moment the great orange disc of the sun disappeared beyond the horizon. The neighbourhood of Ixelles was silent; the whole town of Brussels grew silent in the … Continue reading

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