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Dog Stealing

Zoe couldn´t remember where did the crazy idea of taking Buddy on an excursion come from. It might have been her typical urge to combine. It would never happen to her boyfriend, he always opted for the most practical, the … Continue reading

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Six Mois

Six mois !  Seulement six mois à tenir. Finalement, dans une vie, ce n’est pas si long que ça. C’est presque un passage obligé dans certains métiers, mais je suis sûr que « 6 mois à Bruxelles » fera bonne impression sur … Continue reading

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A Love Letter to Brussels

(by Christina Terle) When my friends told me stories about you they always concluded with the same statement: “Well, you either like it or hate it”. Their stories left me unimpressed, as if to say: My mind is made up, … Continue reading

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Buddy on the Wavre Street (Brussels through the eyes of a zinneke)

He ran away, used the rare occasion when he was not tied to the fence by an old greyish rope. The gate was open and he took the opportunity… So good, to feel the use of one´s limbs, to enjoy … Continue reading

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Remember me

It had started to drizzle and the bus was still not coming. The cars passing by shone their white lights on my face and I could feel my blood rushing in my ears. I was never going to make it … Continue reading

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