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The Kid

N°476, not far to go now. Diane was walking fast along the avenue de la Couronne, a grey artery running between the neighbourhoods of Ixelles and Etterbeek in Brussels. She was not a city girl. She had a house in … Continue reading

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It could have been you

Charlotte and Jeffrey had been together for a lifetime. After a while, their friends had become part of one big melting pot and no one could really remember who was friends with whom first. They had various groups that they … Continue reading

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Back to Go

The beginning of September. The magical white page time. Lou-Anne puts on a pair of pale jeans, a bottle-green tunic, and white sandals. She clips little silver half-moon earrings and with a sweep of a hand organizes the dark mane … Continue reading

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My Land is your Land

Artwork by Enrique Cropper “I first heard the story of George’s grandfather, Frank, in the summer of 1990, at one of his famous garden barbecues” je racontais, déjà regrettant de m’être porté volontaire pour faire, en anglais, un speech ‘d’un … Continue reading

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The Neighbour from Hell (Part 2)

Artwork by Enrique Cropper The next day George stepped out of the lift, as usual, and ambled down the corridor towards his office. The ‘Please keep this door closed at all times’ sign on the door of Archive 9D greeted … Continue reading

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