Linda (is afraid no longer).

No longer afraid of what? Well, read.

Photo par @Dida @Diana Cernakova

Linda stepped out of the front door, turned, and almost bumped into a man. “Sorry,” she murmured headphones on, not ready for a conversation. The man was moving his lips; he obviously was saying something, so she switched off the music and paid him attention.

“I know you!”

“Ah, bon?”

“You are the woman who comes out of the shower and walks around the apartment naked without curtains closed.”

They were in a narrow street of the Brussels neighbourhood Elsene. Behind the windows of three and four storey houses the lives of different people were going on. Linda liked to keep the windows naked to be able to have the contact with the surroundings. The two watching series again… A party of students preparing a dinner together…  A man in boxer shorts on the phone splurged in a comfortable chair… Some scenes repeating themselves, many scenes repeating themselves. Even though, each moment is a new moment.

“Yes, and so?”

“You do not mind the whole Tulip Street see you naked?”

“The street has no sight, to start with. Then, I am on the third floor, so the show is mostly for pigeons, and they do not mind. At least, they never told me.”

“Well, apart from pigeons, inhabitants of 4 or 5 buildings on the 2nd 3rd and 4th floor are also involuntary spectators,” he said.

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Desde el palco

Desde el palco se veían las coronillas, los hombros y un cuarto menguante de los rostros cubiertos de la nariz para abajo con las consabidas mascarillas y yo jugaba, antes de que empezara el concierto, a adivinar conocidos entre los sentados en la platea. El aliciente había sido reconocer sin mayor esfuerzo a algunos entre los de los palcos de enfrente, así que me propuse seguir con el jueguito con el público de abajo.

Creí ver a un periodista que solía frecuentar en otras épocas en una cabeza cana de la primera fila pero cuando en cierto momento se giró, comprobé que no era. Continue reading

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Même plus peur

À toutes les femmes fatiguées

Un cancer ! Rien n’est plus absurde que d’avoir un cancer au milieu d’une pandémie. Alors qu’un petit virus perfide attend le moment propice pour attaquer votre corps, que des gens meurent dans les hôpitaux par dizaines et que l’économie du monde est paralysée, voilà, vous attrapez tout bêtement un cancer. Le bon vieux cancer que l’on connaît depuis si longtemps. Ce n’est même pas très original. Continue reading

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The Corona Bar Stories – A cartoon

In the last months we published several stories about a fictional bar on Avenue de la Couronne, featuring Ute, Diana, Guy and other regulars.

Below is a small cartoon by our friend Tereza Giannitsadi.

You can also download the full story as a single PDF e-book.

Drawings by Tereza Giannitsadi

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Writingbrussels reading this Sunday

Sunday 27 June at 5:00 p.m.
Writingbrussels is back with more stories.

Join us at Egmont Park (near Porte de Namur and Louise).

Download our e-book.
Drawings by Tereza Giannitsadi

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