An apartment of Babylon: How a cosy apartment can be transformed into a temple to celebrate European unity – Meet Writingbrussels

PEP talk

There are six of them. Eva, Gaëlle, Mark, Yves, Veronika, Katarina. These artists from many different nationalities have joined hands to support each other’s creative output. Standing at the cradle of the artistic collective there was also Miguel, but that one moved to Berlin, but no worries, his spirit keeps marching on, since the membership keeps growing. Dulce has recently become a full-fledged pillar of the initiative. The collective is based in Brussels.

My wife and myself were invited yesterday, on Saturday, the 18th of November. The exact location of the event was only disclosed at the last minute.

We were welcomed by our host, an exquisite social butterfly, Veronika, a Czech lady who’s fluent in French and also writes in French.

The living room of the apartment was arranged like an ancient Greek theatre. We were treated to fine wine -the kind of wine that has a story to…

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Quai de Hainaut. Molenbeek-Saint-Jean (2)


– Y el Atomium se había caído…- dije.

Adriana me observaba perpleja desde el otro lado de la mesa. Su mirada oscura como la entrada de una mina me invitaba a adentrarme en ella.

– ¿Cómo que el Atomium se había caído? ¿Me tomas el pelo? Eso es imposible….- me contestó.
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