The Lake Question

She came out of the dense wood into the soft light of a receding day. Dusk fell earlier in September, bringing along coolness, freshness. Now, late afternoon, the world was still warm and dry with the summer fire. The color of the lake ahead of her was the perfect mixture of blue and green. The whole day she was looking forward to a swim, and then a dinner and bed in the B & B she´d booked before the trip. She came to the lake shore framed with stones, big, hard cushions, some creased, some even surfaced. She found one that accommodated her butt and crossed her legs comfortably, part of the tiredness washing away, before she even dipped a single finger in water.

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Ute sort de la cabane

Après ses déboires amoureux pendant le confinement, Ute s’est mise à boire plus que de raison. Qui plus est, toute seule chez elle. En débouchant une bouteille de vin, commandée récemment avec le reste de ses courses sur Internet, elle s’amusait de la proximité de ces deux mots en français : boire – déboire.
En même temps, elle se sentait triste et se demandait si elle pouvait tomber encore plus bas. Non seulement elle était célibataire, mais en plus elle devenait alcoolique. La tristesse passait généralement après le troisième verre. Continue reading

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Je serai un pèlerin après la pandémie

Heureusement, je peux quitter ma maison, mais pas sans quelques restrictions ! L’enfermement restera dans ma mémoire et je devrai certainement endurer toutes les conséquences qui auront également des répercussions sur la société dans laquelle nous vivons.

Le Pèlerin (António Cristóvão)

Dans un environnement d’enfermement, notre cerveau salivait avidement pour un après, afin de pouvoir goûter la liberté. Nous n’oublierons guère comment nous vivions auparavant et, dans l’angoisse, nous nous posions des questions naïves, telles que : saurai-je encore conduire la voiture, faire du vélo, peut-on encore voler ? Continue reading

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Natura naturans (3/3) – Reconsider Life, openly

immune system

Artwork by Enrique Cropper

“In which case” continued George, always keen to have the last word, “there’s only one thing I don’t quite understand.” Michel, Sophie and George’s wife each drew in a small breath, fearing the conversation was about to start another round of debate. Though George could feel his wife twitching to clear the table and bring out the dessert, he couldn’t resist asking his question. Santiago looked at him, ready to hear. “I get it all about the wolf and that he is more than just a ‘top predator’. But the way you’ve explained this theory of biology, all this idea of species interacting in an ecosystem….” He paused very briefly, attempting to take any unintended edge off his question. “Well, isn’t that just a materialist viewpoint, like any other?”

Santiago’s face opened into a calm smile. “Ho, ho, George. At last, we got there” he chirped. “Am I propounding a view of biology, which is nothing else but just materialism in another form? That is the question!” Continue reading

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Natura naturans (2/3) – Take a wolf


Photo: JOOIN Creative Commons

The word “Ridiculous” resounded across the barbecue table. George was now in a tricky situation. Should he continue to engage with his lively guest? Of course, after all, for George, engagement was the highest form of respect to anyone. Or should he try to get off this unexpected track, and save more embarrassment to his friends? George stayed calm and took a middle path.

“Interesting, very interesting Santiago” he said, in as sincere a tone as he could muster. “Four point five billion years of continuous struggle does make you wonder if there had been any time-outs along the ….”

“With all due respect” interrupted Santiago, “this is not a light matter. It seems to me that the ancients were much more developed in their biological thinking than we are, subjugated nowadays to the materialist hegemony,” he stated, huffing the words ‘materialist hegemony’. “To the ancients, the four humours”, he continued, “the four elements – fire, air, water and earth – and the aether and the soul were notions at the same time physical and metaphysical. They had an open world view, one that saw the Gods, Humankind and Nature as co-actors in an ebullient vision of life. Life for them was not just some debased scramble for resources.”

“But you seem to be suggesting that biological thinking has regressed, rather than progressed, in the last two millennia!” George sounded. “How can today’s science be all wrong?” he pleaded, trying to bring the conversation back to the present.

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