Nunca le creas a un plomero

Emilio solía llegar cerca del mediodía, casi siempre con su hermano Héctor, a veces con otro ayudante y alguna vez con los dos. La semana anterior había avisado que vendría el lunes a primera hora pero pasaba el lunes entero sin que apareciera, llegaba la mañana del martes y, justo cuando estábamos por sentarnos a almorzar, tocaba el timbre y había que levantarse a abrir. Continue reading

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Rue de la Loi

Photo by Jonathan Eden-Drummond

desaparecerán un día,
disueltas en el aire del tiempo,
las altas torres
donde se mira
la luz crepuscular. Continue reading

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Who is the Plumber?

We are storytellers. Not just we, the writers, but we, the humans. We put a story on and around everything and believe it to an astonishing degree. Stories also serve to simplify and understand a situation. It is overwhelming how different people would experience the same situation differently.

Often, people would have a distinct story ready for various listeners: One for the husband, one for the lover, and one for the stranger we want to impress. Like the Brussels plumber, he has a story of his life adapted to each client. Veronika will tell us, soon, about him.

There is also a time to go beyond any story. Continue reading

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The Three Swans of 2022

Grateful to Silvia for inspiration and for the picture.

At the primary school, we learnt to write the number 2 visualizing the shape of a swan. I do not know why. To make the tedious repetitive task more appealing? A row of swans in my lined notebook, each one slightly different from another. The year 2022 has three swans in it. Swans are both graceful and menacing creatures; you do not want to swim too close to them. Even our Brittany Spaniard Maggie dog knew that, and she was an excellent swimmer and a water bird hunter by genes and reputation.

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Ma chambre bleue

Plongée dans une douce pénombre
Ma chambre prend une couleur bleue
toute seule, je n’ai pas peur des ombres
même s’il fait sombre quand il pleut



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