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Guy´s Nightmare

As Avenue de la Couronne nears its end at the cemetery of Ixelles, there is No 476 with a clandestine bar. Guy goes there because he is lonely and seeking women. Ute is young and brimming with womanhood. Diane is … Continue reading

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The Lake Question

She came out of the dense wood into the soft light of a receding day. Dusk fell earlier in September, bringing along coolness, freshness. Now, late afternoon, the world was still warm and dry with the summer fire. The color … Continue reading

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The Bar on the Avenue Couronne

Guy´s slender figure is reflected in the dark shop windows he is passing by, his shadow like his doppelganger. Guy´s mother used to admire the slim bone structure of her son, elegant, artistic. Yeah, but should a guy not be … Continue reading

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Back to Go

The beginning of September. The magical white page time. Lou-Anne puts on a pair of pale jeans, a bottle-green tunic, and white sandals. She clips little silver half-moon earrings and with a sweep of a hand organizes the dark mane … Continue reading

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Picture: A family trip on what seems like a long time ago. Lily and the Seagulls.  “The opposite of earth is space; you need to become a human to match the two, my darling. Or a bird. There are only  … Continue reading

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