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Mugshot après shopping

A supermarket is not at all a playground for crooks, nor is it an all-you-can-mug service, in spite of what the self-checkout terminals seem to suggest to certain people. This is a serious market for deals between the company and … Continue reading

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I much prefer take-offs over landings

I am on a plain, I can’t complain. Or as a matter of fact I could, because I am afraid of flying, some kind of diffuse phobia I assume, as flying is so save, isn’t it? When things happen, they … Continue reading

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Writing thoughts on a grid

What are you doing?” he asked stirring his coffee cup with a long spoon. “I am taking notes” she replied looking him in the face. “Of our coffee chat?” he looked around. The café was almost empty. The waiter seemed … Continue reading

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White Room

Günther Reiß is not a man of great hesitation. If he has to make a decision, he does it and bears with the consequences. Usually, he is convinced, there are not many consequences anyway.

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  Words are like…the sun They will not shine forever but for long enough to warm up your entire life. On a sunny summer day you will bath in all the light. During darkness and rain you might forget the … Continue reading

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