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It all started with an instrumental song I wrote.  That song proved to be a good match for one article already on the blog, and I was happy to contribute to it by doing what I like most: writing music.  Then came a few more songs.  A few weeks later, I was surprised to have become a full-time member of the group, but also very happy to be in the middle of creative and talented artists.

Writing texts about my city was the next logical step.  Having remnants of the 13th-century walls next to a modern office tower—while virtually no-one will notice anything wrong with that—illustrates how Brussels can be both real and surreal.  This is a permanent source of inspiration for me; I believe it is not only about travelling to new places but looking at the existing ones with new eyes.

My stories are usually short, memorable and sometimes funny.  I am confident that my excellent procrastination skills will guarantee the lowest production level within the group.

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