Mark Mark’s stories

I’m the member of this group who shouldn’t be here. I’m no writer. I was trained as a scientist and now I’m an administrator, and the last time I wrote a story was at school in England when I was sixteen. I suppose it’s a small irony of destiny that the essay was entitled “Myself, as others see me”.

But I’ve been following what Writingbrussels has been doing over the last two to three years and when several members of the group challenged me to start writing with them, I snapped and said I would. So here I am.

I would like to write something that is Romantic for you and participatory for me. I’ve lived and worked long enough in and around Brussels to know how it can inspire reflection. Despite its apparent greyness and its often unfair reputation for dull weather, it holds many surprises. Because of its central role in contemporary European life, Brussels provokes thoughts of peripheries. Things on the edge interest and nourish me, so I hope you like my story. I’m writing it to share with you what I can’t tell in any other way.


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