Katarina Katarina’s stories

The year of 2015 means 10 years in this town. It was in May when we arrived, my husband, children and me. The rhododendrons were in blossom, the days very long, we spent the first summer discovering parks mostly. It felt like holiday. I had no idea of winters here, of darkness and coldness and wetness, and so I fell in love with the lighter part of Brussels first; the mixed and chaotic tune and the laid-back nature. I didn´t have a clue that despite the relaxed atmosphere a lot is very organised here, much more than I would ever think: schools, public places, parking, waiting and eating habits, etc. Dense population requires rules, so I learnt and keep learning until now.

The passion for Brussels filtered through my eyes and soul is in the stories I write for the group of WB. The very moment I am writing the paragraph, a girl on a horseback is passing our street in Woluwe. Indeed, the capital of Europe has many faces.

With gratefulness for the experience, I offer the stories to all readers, and especially to the people who have opened their hearts and have become friends in this town of rainy reputation.


2 Responses to Katarina

  1. Alessia says:

    Qué bonito, “a town of rainy reputation”


  2. Katarina says:

    Gracias, Alessia. Bruselas parace muy mediteranea estos dias 🙂 K


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