Gaelle Gaelle’s stories

Because I loved hearing and reading stories, I got hooked on writing at a very early age. My world was filled with fantasy, witches and unicorns, mythology and magic. Writing came thus naturally to me as I needed to share my internal world with others.

I wrote off and on through my growing years, reaching my late teens with a growing passion for rock ‘n roll and folk music that naturally lead me to writing lyrics. I came back to my initial love for story telling well into my 20’s. My stories of goblins and fairies had also grown up and were now tainted with tales of haunted places and tortured souls. With each story, my inspiration stayed faithful to ghosts but also slowly opened itself to the complexity of the human mind and soul, where our inner dialogues reveal a different kind of haunting.

I always say that my love for ghost stories comes from my English heritage on my mother’s side. I guess you can then say that my love for Brussels comes from my father who, like me, was born and raised in this city. Half British, half Belgian, I am a 35 year old writer who couldn’t picture herself living anywhere else in the world. Because Brussels is a village but also a hub between so many worlds and nationalities, it is both present and past with one face turned towards an ever expanding modernity and the other towards a unique and very special old time folklore. I love Brussels because it feels to me just like my writing: deep rooted through change and time.

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