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La calle de la Ciencia (1)

Nevaba el día de diciembre que comencé a trabajar en la firma. Los copos eran grandes y mojaban mi plumífero nuevo pero yo me sentía abrigado y cómodo bajo él. Rodrigo me esperaba a la puerta del edificio de “Rue … Continue reading

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Urban Library Imaginations – Zoldan

People say I am crazy, but I don’t care. They say I can’t hold it together, because I imagine things that are not real. But honestly, I am homeless and, you know, people then think you are crazy anyway. What … Continue reading

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Just Below the Surface – Part II

  The “World room” was still quiet and warm. Through its triangular window, you could see ghostly white flashes lightening up the sky. Nils peered through it. “I can’t see very clearly but there doesn’t seem to be any car … Continue reading

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Just Below the Surface – Part I

Summer was here and school was finally over! As the bell rang at the end of the last hour of class, the building vibrated with the ecstasy of newfound freedom. Excited school kids were running all over the place. Some … Continue reading

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Remember me

It had started to drizzle and the bus was still not coming. The cars passing by shone their white lights on my face and I could feel my blood rushing in my ears. I was never going to make it … Continue reading

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