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Rumor has it Brussels eats Frogs Legs.

“I told you we should not eat frogs legs for dinner if we wanted to taste those strong beers,” Zuzi said late in the morning, a ringing headache obscuring the clarity of her mind.  “I am a tourist, so I … Continue reading

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No More Afraid

In infancy No more Afraid, of the Void That mother will switch off the lightAnd the Darkness will swallow me whole? No more Afraid, of the Monster That my fairy tale book will fall openAt the page of the horrible … Continue reading

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I much prefer take-offs over landings

I am on a plain, I can’t complain. Or as a matter of fact I could, because I am afraid of flying, some kind of diffuse phobia I assume, as flying is so save, isn’t it? When things happen, they … Continue reading

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I     An Honour’d Brother All artwork by Enrique Cropper Light. Dark. Tone. Warmth. Whence Birth Mother bore Air Life breath’d Breast Milk fed Blood Kin rear’d Strong back labour’d Wood Home built Fair Wife betroth’d Offspring begat Grey Beard … Continue reading

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  Words are like…the sun They will not shine forever but for long enough to warm up your entire life. On a sunny summer day you will bath in all the light. During darkness and rain you might forget the … Continue reading

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