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  Words are like…the sun They will not shine forever but for long enough to warm up your entire life. On a sunny summer day you will bath in all the light. During darkness and rain you might forget the … Continue reading

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Just Published: Miss Juliet and Company

Juliet and Michael, married and middle-aged, one morning get their life turned into a theatre stage, where unkept promises and well-kept secrets write a bizarre play. Download the e-story here

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Elevator to the Gallows

The heat in the apartment was overwhelming. Hugo reached out for the window and opened it wide onto a warm and pale blue summer evening… Below, passers-by walked lazily hand in hand, stopping here and there as they made their … Continue reading

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Hotel Europa (1)

El nuevo año comenzó en la oficina igual que había terminado, con innumerables horas de trabajo. Gracias al esfuerzo, los dosieres que me habían asignado pronto tuvieron sentido. Aprendí de memoria la estructura de las empresas, sus historias públicas y … Continue reading

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The Singer of Les Marolles

Marching carefully so that I don´t step on an item somebody wants to trade for 5 euros or 50 cents: happy trash scattered all around the square doesn´t fascinate me anymore as it once did. Nevertheless, I drag my visitors to … Continue reading

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