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I     An Honour’d Brother All artwork by Enrique Cropper Light. Dark. Tone. Warmth. Whence Birth Mother bore Air Life breath’d Breast Milk fed Blood Kin rear’d Strong back labour’d Wood Home built Fair Wife betroth’d Offspring begat Grey Beard … Continue reading

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Brussel’s Little Contradictions

“What I like möst about the Breeteesh” said my colleague as we all got in the lift to go for morning coffee, “is ze wonderful sense of humour.” The lift doors opened and the five of us made our way … Continue reading

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M is for Murder, A for Atomium

Tuesday 11 September 2001 One of those days, never to forget. I was at work in Brussels when I saw it all on TV, as I left through the lobby to catch the Schuman train. The Twin Towers in New … Continue reading

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15. Finally, lost in Brussels

Artwork by Enrique Cropper “I’m heading out of an office block. I say Bonne soirée to the guard at the reception desk. I come out on to a city street. There are high, glass-fronted buildings around me. It’s dark. It’s … Continue reading

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9. A young man’s story

Art work by Enrique Cropper With the children safely put to bed, the adults could settle down to restoring the story circle. So they turned their attention their newest member, Grhm, whose needs had been so rawly evident at mealtime … Continue reading

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