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No more Afraid: the hidden mystery of Health (1/3)

“You know what’s going to happen next, don’t you” said George, in the middle of a news bulletin, at the start of the UK’s roll-out of the vaccination programme in early 2021, with the promise of a way out of … Continue reading

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The Night of Keira

St. Gilles was drowning in the darkness of a late autumn evening and damped in a cold rain. That – plus the late pandemic era made the neighbourhood, otherwise lively, a half-deserted place. The pubs were open for those who could … Continue reading

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This is the last time

“This is the last time…” Eddy told himself exasperated. He slid his diving goggles over his eyes. The summer sun was now high in the sky and he could feel himself sweating under his diving suit. Parking in this neighbourhood … Continue reading

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Who is the Plumber?

We are storytellers. Not just we, the writers, but we, the humans. We put a story on and around everything and believe it to an astonishing degree. Stories also serve to simplify and understand a situation. It is overwhelming how different … Continue reading

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Who said what, who wanted this or that, who did what, or didn’t: the Confessions of a COVID government teleworker (2)

Though George liked to describe himself as “A non-avid user of social media”, as the weeks had gone by, he found the isolating nature of the lockdown had induced him into consulting, much more often than usual, his rarely-viewed Facebook … Continue reading

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