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I much prefer take-offs over landings

I am on a plain, I can’t complain. Or as a matter of fact I could, because I am afraid of flying, some kind of diffuse phobia I assume, as flying is so save, isn’t it? When things happen, they … Continue reading

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I     An Honour’d Brother All artwork by Enrique Cropper Light. Dark. Tone. Warmth. Whence Birth Mother bore Air Life breath’d Breast Milk fed Blood Kin rear’d Strong back labour’d Wood Home built Fair Wife betroth’d Offspring begat Grey Beard … Continue reading

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White Room

Günther Reiß is not a man of great hesitation. If he has to make a decision, he does it and bears with the consequences. Usually, he is convinced, there are not many consequences anyway.

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Words are like…children. Inhibit them and you will never know what they might have grown up to. When words stand there –playing- not sure about their power, smiling to themselves, they look so imperfect, yet so divine. Later they mature … Continue reading

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