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At the dark end – Part 1

Jill had woken up early that morning. She wanted to be at the office before the others as she had a meeting at 9:30 sharp and wanted to look something over before it began. She’d had an idea during the … Continue reading

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Urban Library Imaginations – Laura

When Laura put up the ad on the urban library wall at Boulevard Anspach, she used her best drawing, or what she thought would be the best taken one: a pensative face of a woman, eyes halfclosed, the mouth about … Continue reading

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Just Below the Surface – Part I

Summer was here and school was finally over! As the bell rang at the end of the last hour of class, the building vibrated with the ecstasy of newfound freedom. Excited school kids were running all over the place. Some … Continue reading

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Now I lay me down to sleep

My name is Victor and I am 11 years old. I live in a place which is full of strange noises at night. My mum says it’s because our house is old and full of cracks which let the midnight … Continue reading

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La calle nueva

Hace cuatro días que vivo en el hotel. Tengo que comprar un cuaderno nuevo, o mejor más, porque solo me quedan algunas páginas en blanco por rellenar. Me vendría bien dejar estas cuatro paredes unas horas, sentir el sol tímido … Continue reading

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