Becoming a Murderer and Not Knowing Why

The traveller could not believe his eyes about what he did today.

He had just stepped out that train and he took a knife out of his pocket. The red blood on the sharp blade reminded him of what had just happened. Seven people! He had killed seven people this morning. But was it real? Wasn’t this all theoretic?

Very soon, he recalled the situation. It all started in that jammed crowded lift. People started being increasingly nervous and he felt he had to do something to relieve the pressure, his own pressure. He didn’t like that fat woman next to him, who was complaining; he believed no-one could even love someone like that. No-one would miss her, certainly. He stabbed her in the stomach, it all went very quickly and it took a long time before people would notice a murder was going on. But with a knife in his hand he was the strongest and he could easily escape as soon as the doors of the lift would open.

He knew that very soon the the police would be after him. But where could he go or hide? He felt he would never be as tough as Charles Manson, he didn’t think he was able to fight, as a lion would do.

Leave the country, fly to California or maybe a more remote place, where no government would track him down. But in these modern times there is no safe place anymore…


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