Sinking Your Teeth Into A New Year

— “It was really lovely seeing you again” assured Kurt while he fumbled in his pockets to find his car keys.
— “Yes we must see each other more often” Linda went on, already holding the handle of the car door.

From the doorway of their house, Richard and Patricia Von Plasma answered with one voice: “The pleasure was all ours. It was great having you over and bringing in the New Year with you!”

A mechanic click signalled to Linda that Kurt had found his car key and that it was now opened. She got inside and waved to them distractedly, checking her phone for new New Year messages as she did so. Continue reading

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Histoire de scouts

Après plus de dix années d’interactions intenses avec les Bruxellois, je ne saurais dire avec certitude ce que veut dire être Belge. Je sais seulement que je ne le suis toujours pas, malgré tous mes efforts d’intégration. Continue reading

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Retour en avion

Ah, la belle vie de l’expat ou du travailleur international ! Toujours à voyager, comme s’il partait à la découverte du monde. Ceci semble si idyllique, mais qu’en est-il vraiment ?

Ça devait être un petit trajet tout simple : deux heures d’avion, et puis je serais de retour à Bruxelles.
J’adore ce slogan, de tout ramener à « deux heures ». En fait, si on regarde bien, Continue reading

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Poetry and Poverty

Drawing by Astrid:

Drawing by Astrid

We are interrupted in the middle of our Spanish lesson by a solemnly looking woman: dark, long, sleek hair, pronounced eye-brows, no eye contact. She presents her case:

“I hear you are speaking Spanish here, and we are having a Spanish poetry reading in the other room. Too few people have come, may I invite you to join?”

My spontaneous reaction is No, I like this class, we have a lot to do and to discuss, I do not want to. At the same time, saying no is something I have been learning all my life and have not mastered yet. Plus, Raquel, our Spanish teacher, gets excited in the presence of another literature related soul and starts telling the woman that we are also writers. The unknown dark woman does not seem to be moved by having stumbled upon pen-friends, she just needs more listeners for the event. Continue reading

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YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED! – our next reading in Auderghem

Sunday 14 January at 5 p.m.
Writingbrussels is back: join us next Sunday for a great reading and funny stories: you’ll definitely never believe it really happened!

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