No more Afraid: is the Blank white or black? (2/3)

Image: Black and White by Malevich (@Pixels)

“March the sixteenth 2021!” announced George that morning, finding it rather ironic that, exactly one year since the lockdown began, Lecomte should send one of his percussive e-mails rattling off that ‘the team’ should “Come back into the office, for an ‘urgent meeting to discuss the next steps of the financial package to re-float the European economy.’

“Lecomte’s never really adjusted to teleworking” said George to Patricia, as he was preparing to leave the house. “He still likes ‘the let’s-get-everyone-round-the-campfire’ feel,” in a tone of undisguised irony. “It’s not hard to imagine him in his shorts running a scout camp. He’s like some sort of ERA-Akela whose biggest thrill in life is to order his pack to ‘Strike camp! Fetch that kindling! Skin that rabbit! Ging Gang Goolee Goolee Goolee Watcha!” Patricia stood quietly by, waiting for her peck on the cheek. “Any moment he’ll have us singing songs in a circle to help build back team spirit after lockdown!”

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No more Afraid: the hidden mystery of Health (1/3)

Image from Adobe Stock

“You know what’s going to happen next, don’t you” said George, in the middle of a news bulletin, at the start of the UK’s roll-out of the vaccination programme in early 2021, with the promise of a way out of the ‘greatest public health crisis for a century’. George could see a new problem coming: “Politics will walk all over biology. Another scrap between political egos will ensue. And the people will once again be scattered, like seed to the wind”.

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Writingbrussels reading this Sunday

Sunday 23 October at 3:00 p.m.
Writingbrussels is back with more stories.

Join us at Café Contrebande, 6 place Fernand Cocq (Ixelles)

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An Ode to Plumbers who learn Greek (retro-fitted, luv, in Greek dactylic hexameter*)

Enoch², oh, never did I like his
Odious Racism and Hate!
But then I heard him speak, one day on
Bee-Bee-Cee Radio, that time
The interviewer asked him: “Today
What’s the point
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El arte del reflejo: un descubrimiento bruselense

En tiempos remotos, tanto que no ha quedado registro escrito de ello, vivía en el actual emplazamiento de Bruselas, que entonces era un gran bosque, un pueblo pragmático y poco dispuesto a la reflexión que pasaba lo más claro de sus días recolectando bayas u hongos, y corriendo la liebre, para tener con qué alimentarse.

Como sus mañanas y sus tardes eran un puro andar, casi sin darse cuenta recorrían enormes distancias, a menudo en redondo, volviendo adonde sabían que había arbustos con frutos o se escondían animalejos, y dormían donde los encontrara la noche, a la intemperie, a lo sumo improvisando un colchón con hojas. Pero, de vez en cuando, imperceptiblemente, la inercia de sus pasos los alejaba de su territorio. Continue reading

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