Falsa Esbelta

Falsa esbelta, Ute was. False slim. She looked slender in clothes, but naked, she was full of curves and rounds and dimples. Something to hold on comfortably, Guy told himself. And he did hold on her that night, and much more than that, and the night was long, and they promised to see each other again. Guy had all the reasons to be happy. Having spent large part of his adulthood alone, he was oversensitive to people´s particularities, so even with Ute, he already spotted habits that irritated him. For example, when he went to the balcony to have a cigarette after sex, she made a funny face when he returned and kissed her. So, she did not like smoke, he could understand that. But he did not like the face she made, and the way she exaggerated her reaction. He used the toothpaste and put a chewing gum into his mouth to appease her (at the beginning we are so ready to bend to the other´s needs). It did not work, after smelling the mint on his mouth, she looked she would vomit, there, into his fresh linen he prepared for their night. Nevertheless, sex itself was gorgeous, especially the oral pleasures on both sides, juicy, lusty, hot. And Guy´s mother did not occur during it once, nice on her side, he murmured, as he sipped cold beer in the Av. Couronne bar Sunday night, the night after…

Little half-round podium was being set for a theatre piece; Sundays were consecrated to the theatre. Two young people, a girl and a boy in dusty old sweatpants and tank tops where bringing out pieces of furniture: two chairs, a round, wobbly table, a vase with plastic flowers, two goblets, and a carafe. It looked like a scene from a café or a private living-room. Guy loved Sunday performances, sometimes better, sometimes less accomplished, they brought real people, real art, multi-dimensional experience. No streaming, zooming, no thank you. The scene was set, the boy stretched, and his lean body ended up in a high bridge pose, the outline of his penis visible in baggy pants. The girl easily bent over him and summersaulted to land on her light feet. This one possessed the real slimness, the easy slimness, contrary to Ute, Guy observed. The girl clapped her hands sending dust particles floating around, then wiped her palms against the filthy pants and disappeared behind the improvised curtain.

One more hour, one more beer until the performance starts. Ute was not coming, they planned their date on the next Tuesday; this evening, she had a skype date with her friends. It was good so, it gave Guy space to integrate the experience of the previous night, some space to be on his own, to breathe, to recuperate his privacy. One more, he pointed to his glass and drained the last gulp. The bartender took the empty glass and put it under the pipe. Good bar, good service, good life. All good things made almost illegal by the pandemic situation. To hell with the Chinese flue, it was not welcome in this bar, Av. Couronne 476. He turned on the stool, using the moment until his drink is ready to look around the bar. There, in the dark corner, deep in an old armchair, dark hair sparkled in the light of a corner lamp. Diana, she was alone. She moved her head and showed him her classic profile. A real beauty, this one. Only, there was always the little brat around. Not now, but Guy knew, the baby girl was asleep in the alcove of the bar. Diane came out for a bit of company, but she would jump on her feet the moment she hears the slightest whine. Bolder after the night of sex, Guy contemplated going over to her. Just to greet, just a drink, no seducing, no plans. Only to satisfy his curiosity, until the tiny one claims Diana´s attention again. Sooner than later. Ute does not have to be jealous, they were not a couple anyway, they had good sex, that is all. And they will have more of good sex, he promised her in his thoughts. The beer stood in front of him, Diana was seated just a few meters away, not as fresh as the beer, as he saw tiredness in her features, lack of sleep made her face look raw, wounded, even more appealing. He was about to grab the beer and walk over with the intention of offering her a drink when he saw that she curled her body into a ball and closed the eyes, suddenly, lost to the world, absorbed in her own universe. Guy composed into his usual shyness and hesitation, took a sip from his beer, glanced at his mobile and saw there was a new message: from Ute.

About Katarina

I am a viniyoga teacher and a writer. The Slovak embassy secretary. An observer. The city of Brussels keeps me inspired, yoga keeps me focused and stories bring more stories.
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